General Conditions

Please read the general conditions before making a reservation.

General conditions for the campsites

On the day of departure you will leave the site clean and empty, before 12 a.m.

In case of late arrival of which the reception of the camping was not notified, your down payment gives you the right to the site for 24 hours, counting from the planned arrival date.

Until two months before the date of arrival, 75% of the down payment will be refunded in case of cancelation.

1 car to a site, all extra cars must be parked outside the camping.

Dogs are permitted but leashed. Letting out your dog permitted only outside the camping.
Conditions set down by the local authorities:
- No more than 6 persons on a site
- Vaccination card mandatory for pets
- Barbecueing allowed only on gas or electricity, so not on charcoal, coals, wood or similar.

It is only possible to reserve a site with a reservation form, not by telephone.  


General conditions for the rental units 

In the high season a rental unit is for rent only by the week, from Saturday 15.00h. until Saturday 10.00h.

All rental units are completely furnished. The mobile home Vacanciale is the only unit with no sanitary facilities.

Sheets are not included in the rent. These should be self supplied, or they can be rented at the reception for 7,00 euro per person (reservation necessary).

75% of the down payment will be refunded if the unit is canceled  2 One car per rental unit is allowed. All extra cars must be parked outside the camping.

At arrival we ask for 100 euros cash in security. This will be paid back at the end of your visit if the rental unit is left whole and clean.

Pets are permitted if they sleep in their own baskets. Pets are not permitted  on the beds or seats.  Dogs must be leashed and let out outside the camping.

The camper/client is responsible for having insurance against theft or illness. The camping accepts no responsibility for this.

Conditions set down by the authorities:
-   vaccination card mandatory for pets
- barbecueing permitted only on gas or electricity, not on coals, charcoal, wood or similar

Cleaning fee: 35,00 euro

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